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turquoise bowls

The first set of my pictures from Busan can be found on my Flickr page. This particular lot was taken at Jagalchi Fish Market, near our youth hostel.

Feel free to add notes to the pictures, because I don’t know the names of what I shot.

Do not click on the picture above if you don’t like phallic-looking seafood. I’m warning you!

I’m actually considering taking up fish again. I can’t imagine myself eating it, but due to my vegetarianism and strenuous Taekwondo classes (my martial arts instructors turn on the AC for only five minutes, during our breaks!) I’ve lost about 2 kg, despite eating fried egg-and-cheese sandwiches from Isaac’s everyday and treating myself to cake every weekend. Four pounds doesn’t sound like a lot of weight, until you consider I’m five-foot-two and was pretty scrawny to begin with. My arms look gross.

Also, I’m going to Japan, and don’t want to be stuck eating ramen for eight days.

New pictures will be uploaded later this week.


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