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Sweet Swag

I probably don’t write this enough, but I love my kids. And my kids love me. (Well, most of them, anyway. I can be a real hard-ass.)

Today Ebony’s mother gave me presents!

Sweet Swag

There’s a Dior Whitening Program, which is a bit odd considering I’m pretty light for a Filipina . . . but I’m grateful for freebies anyway. The kit includes sunscreen, “Mattifying Emulson,” face mask, cleanser and nail polish.

More important, there’s cookies from Tous Les Jours! Nothing melts my heart like sweets. This particular bakery’s pastries are a bit too dry for me, but I enjoy their pumpkin muffins, green tea bread and corn loaves.

She also gave the whole staff cheesecake. I love love love cheesecake.

While the kids can drive me nutty most of the time, there are moments when they can break my heart. A few weeks ago, some of my kindergarten students scribbled their names on the wall.

“Pia Teacher” is listed on the bottom.

“Did they write something bad about me?” I asked my supervisor as she attempted to wipe it off.

“No. The girls wrote all their names, then they put yours on the bottom. It means they admire you.”

The marker was permanent. Since then, whenever I begin to despise my kids, I sit on the stairs and gaze at the “cool kids list.”

It’s stupid to care about whether or not I’m hip enough for them, but I’ll take the compliments when they come my way.


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