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Z invited me to a wine and cheese party. I’ve never been to one before (I’m a 25-year-old ghetto child from the sticks, remember), and I don’t like wine.

But I do love cheese.

Today’s agenda:

1) Clean the apartment. At this point, it’s so caked with dirt and dust that I have to douse the whole place with gasoline and set it on fire.

2) Get a manicure and pedicure. Earlier this week, my yoga teacher gave me a foot massage while I was in the corpse position, and all I could think about was how gnarly my feet are. After all those years in the martial arts, all I’m left with are feet that feel like sandpaper.

3) Is it appropriate to bring Guinness to this party? No?

4) Buy new shoes, because my green, pointy-toe heels need some rest. I’m in love with the idea of stacked, red pumps, which are supposedly the rage right now.

Aside from all that frilly, over-sized pink crap that most young Korean women wear, shopping in Korea is awesome (if you can find your size–I’m petite but still refuse to go jeans shopping here), because if you take the time to look around you’ll find good deals for cute stuff. Sure, they’ll fall apart after a few washings, but they’ll be out of vogue in a few months anyway.

I’ve bought some summer dresses in the past few weeks, and I have this cute blue, button-down number that I bought from a small shop near my school for 30,000 won (almost 30 American dollars). When I wear it I feel like a tourist going through Africa for the twelfth time.

Ooooooh, but what I love the most is this straight, black pencil skirt that came with this really smart, chocolate brown belt. And even though I never wore sunglasses in California (too SoCal), I now own two pairs that nearly engulf my entire face. My mom and sisters would be so proud . . .

Pieces I’d like to buy in the fall:

a) A fitted vest.

b) A balloon skirt.

c) Anything in a deep purple or red shade.

d) White pumps. The higher, the better.

e) A chocolate, woodsy fragrance with hints of grapefruit. Back to Sephora’s website . . .

But anyway . . . back to today’s schedule. 

5) Catch up on my worldly news. In case you haven’t noticed, I’m not the best conversationalist. To make it worse, I get all of my updates from MSN.

Think that sucks? Consider that I only visit because Hotmail sends me there after I sign out of my account. Then consider that 90 percent of my reading is based in the Celebrity gossip section. Well, that’s not totally accurate. Last night I spent two hours taking online quizzes to determine if I should buy a woodsy or fruity fragrance. And I’m still undecided!

I have no idea of who’s fighting who, what books to read or what movies to watch. At this point, I can’t tell the difference between a Democrat and Republican.

I have read the latest on the North Korea crisis, but I couldn’t give a shit. Really, I’m straddling the DMZ right now and no one is scared in the slightest. It would annoy me if my parents were freaking out, which they aren’t. My mom sent me one news item about a shooting incident near the border, and the next day she forwarded an article on bed bugs.

Anyway, it’s almost noon and I haven’t eaten anything but these taffy-like candies covered in soy powder. (Believe me when I tell you they’re to die for.) Time for brunch at my new favorite fruit restaurant, and then to cleaning. Maybe I can fit in some yoga before dinner.


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