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Only 29 Hours To Go

I am drained. And I haven’t even packed my stuff yet.

And after some deep thinking (and deprivation of sleep), I decided to come out of hiding. No, I’m not giving up the anonymity thing–although I have really grown to hate it–because I have a job and family to protect. But if you will be Seoul during the last two weeks of December, I’d like to meet you for some coffee and musing. Not to talk about the blog, because that would be boring. But I’m always up to making new friends, and seeing new areas of Seoul.

Note that I am currently open to only meeting girls in public places, for obvious reasons. And no, toting a man-bag and smoking those really skinny cigarettes aren’t going to do you any favors. If I see that you aren’t of the fairer sex, I’m going to take off.

I don’t want to offend any guys out there, but, well, some of you male expats are a bit too freaky for my taste (relax, I said some!) and I don’t want to take any chances. And don’t worry, it’s not a big deal if you never see my face, because I would most likely eat your food anyway.

Feel free to email me at raven_lily09@hotmail.com.

P.S. I’m not sure if I will be able to post or even check the site while I’m in Thailand, so I might have a family member moderate comments (I usually don’t, but I’ve received heaps of spam recently) and check in with news and/or pictures. So this site will be updated.

If you don’t want to check my site too often to see whether or not I’ve gotten food-poisoning or been run over by an elephant, click on the orange box on the sidebar and subscribe.


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So today, while looking around WordPress, I found out that you can post videos from YouTube.

I plan to abuse this in the best way possible.

So, for your viewing pleasure, here is one of my favorite music videos, courtesy of Kenny Chesney!

Because who doesn’t love a farmer’s tan? 

If you ever see me driving on the highway, shaking my shoulders and grinning like a dope, I’m most likely listening to this song. 

Hmm. I will probably regret this in the morning.

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I’ve given in. After noting that I get five to ten hits a day from Hyun Bin fans, I decided to share a little present D gave me upon my return to Korea last month.

I brought this to work, and my coworkers laughed at me.

She’d been touring Incheon with her Korean coteacher, Amber, when they came upon a little stand carrying celebrity memorabilia.

“Pia loves this one actor, I can’t remember his name,” she had said.

“What does he look like?”

“Well, he has dimples–”

“It’s Hyun Bin.”

The vendor gave her a few wallet-sized photos of Mr. Bin for free–gotta love “service” here. (And yes, they are in my purse.)

You can find more images of my favorite Korean actor here.

I’m this close to subscribing to Tiger Beat. Help.


Aside from that, I noticed that a few people have linked me on their own blogs.

I’m always a little confused when this happens. Because really, who wants to be associated with a sheltered, whiny drama queen who writes about–let’s be frank–not dating, comic books and cake. I look at past posts, and I swear to God my ovaries shrivel up.

Nonetheless, it’s a bit flattering, and I get to read your stuff and find sites that are ten times more compelling than my own. And if you link me on your page, of course I’m going to return the pleasure. (Check out the new links on the sidebar.)

If you are one of the people who are embarrassed to read my site when there are others in the room (much less comment), that’s okay, too. My mother feels the same way!

But I really want to learn more about you guys. Are you in Korea, do you teach, are you fellow Hyun Bin fans . . . basically, are you going through what I’m going through?

Because even though I write about myself 95 percent of the time (well, 99 percent if you consider how I lovingly bring my friends’ issues back to myself), I’m interested in the the experiences of my fellow expats. What do you do for fun, do you blog, are you learning Korean? Seoul or Busan? Are you also addicted to the green tea pastries, do you keep every odd knickknack your kids give you, did you watch every episode of Kim Sam Soon in three days too?

Email me. I’ve still got that small-town hospitality. I’ll write you back real quick.

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After a brief scolding from my mother, I’ve decided to add a new category to my posts: M is for Mature.

Sorry if I’ve offended or embarrassed my loving, patient and understanding relatives and friends. I considered setting up another (PG rated) site, entirely dedicated to my travels, but I spend enough time on WordPress and Flickr.

I’ve been lazy when it comes to categorizing my posts, but I will start the rating system immediately. I will work on placing the rating under all my less-than-flattering posts this weekend.

Under the title of each of my posts, you’ll notice one or more titles like “Uncategorized,” “California (and The Orchards),” “Food for Thought,” and “Friends and that Gray Area.” If I publish any posts that contain obscene language or other questionable content, you will read “M is for Mature.”

So if you feel queasy whenever I throw around the four-letter words, I strongly advise you to avoid these particular writings like the plague.

And don’t break out the holy water just yet. At least I’m not torturing puppies. (Yet.)


To make up for my foul language, I added more photos on Flickr. These new ones were taken at Beomeosa Temple in Busan.

I don’t like this set as much as the ones from Jagalchi Fish Market, but we reached the temple an hour before it closed. I didn’t have a lot to work with.

The Japan pics will come soon, promise!


In other news, C gave me the new schedule for next semester. Our prized student has a full workload, so we had to accommodate his schedule. He really is brilliant, and I adore him to bits, so I don’t mind.

This means that on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, I’ll finish my last class at 7 p.m.; on Tuesdays and Thursdays I’ll be done at six. (These past months I’ve finished teaching at 6:30 p.m.)

And I’ve replaced my Taekwondo classes with Yoga/Pilates lessons. Three months for 200,000 (that’s about 200 American dollars), not bad. I took a sample class today and the instructors impressed me. They’re a lot skinnier than I am (I’m not complaining, Mom!) but they are so tough.

One of them also studied in London, so she can speak English very well, although she appears self-conscious about it.

As you’ve probably noticed, I miss my Taekwondo school terribly. Not just the lessons and The Instructor, but my classmates as well. For most of them, I was the first foreigner they’d met (well, outside their English classes, anyway), and they were my first Korean friends. Because of the language barrier we couldn’t talk too much–just help each other out and laugh at our mistakes.

But I hold a tenderness for them that rivals the devotion I have for my own students. I miss their endless energy, their genuine enthusiasm for the sport, their glorious handsprings and their innocent sense of humor.

I have to wonder, will I ever see them again?

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