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Yesterday I spent over 250 bucks to ship my books back to the states–and those weren’t even all of them. Today I put down 175 to send back random knickknacks, ranging from USB cords to half-finished scarves to paper fans from Kyoto. They should arrive in mid-January.

After much deliberation, I’m giving most of my cardigans and purses to the school so they can “sell” them during their annual Market Day. It will take all my willpower to part with my hot pink handbag. Not that I would ever carry that thing around the land of Uncle Sam, anyway.

I’ve found that a lot of stuff that I bought in Korea would never be worn in the U.S.–long shirt-dresses (over pants!), bright tote bags, sparkly blazers . . . the only thing I can see myself wearing are my silver and green heels, and that’s only if I pair them with something low-key. I was surprised to see my fashion sense shift during my stay here, and even more surprised to see it shift back once I started to pack my suitcases.

So yeah, I’m giving/throwing most of my clothes away.

Monthly tests, monthly syllabuses (those I haven’t started), presents for the kids/teachers, packing . . . and I’m leaving tomorrow.

No sleep.

And this just in: Two bloggers met me, and were understandably underwhelmed. In my defense, I’ve been having bad hair days. That zaps my mojo.

Cute hipster Bonnie Conquest takes me out to Hongdae.

Despair over how beautiful K-boys are with Amanda.

Also, spent Saturday night with the girls in Itaewon. I’ve finally accepted that the ‘won was my hood. Yeah it’s dirty and you come up with all these strange characters. Yet I drank there, I fell asleep in its seedy clubs, I binged on Thai and Indian cuisine, spent way too much money on books and even spent the night at a run-down love motel (cramped next to a condom dispenser!). I’ll remember it fondly, and with a tad of embarrassment.

Tomorrow is my last day. I will only teach the kindergarten classes, and I said farewell to the elementary students today. Received a few gifts (my supervisor told me not to tell the students I was leaving, but a few found out), took photos and exchanged emails. The hours passed by in a haze–I didn’t even tear up. Maybe because I’m so exhausted and have so much more to do by tomorrow afternoon.

Something doesn’t feel right. I have everything sorted out, everything’s scheduled and I’ve said good-bye to all my friends. But something’s wrong, something’s lacking, and I can’t put my finger on it.


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The washer tore the beading off my favorite shirt.

I should have expected this, since it was only 5,000 won (around five American dollars), and this happened to another cute shirt a few months ago. But oh oh oh. So sad.

The fake stones on the front reminded me of the stones my parents would buy us from Monterey.

Sweet blouse, you did me good.

(Yes, that is a Winnie/Tigger sticker on my bathroom wall. And no, I did not put it there.)

Oh yeah, before I forget: Just found a new favorite travel blog, Coconuter. This young Filipino-American left his Ivy League university to get back to his roots–without financial support from his family. He’s living on just three bucks a day. Wow.

I scanned his entire site in two hours, and not only is he a good writer (and, um, easy on the eyes), but he really does the motherland some justice. His articles are really in-depth and he includes tons of photos. Check it out.

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These Old Green Heels

It’s time to throw these heels away.

Green heels in Seoul

They are so old, right?

We’ve been through a lot in the past nine months–barhopping, catching trains, bookstores, reaching the top shelves of supermarkets, just barely scraping myself off the “little person” list–but my entire wardrobe has revolved around these shoes. Sweaters, shirts, blazers, jewelry, whatever–suddenly I’m in this sea of green, and it has to stop.

Plus it is so cold right now, and I need to buy the most offensive Ugg knockoffs so my toes remain attached to my feet.

The sad thing is, I’ve been looking for green boots for the past two weeks. Green, pointy, three-inch-heel boots. Am also considering cowboy boots . . . Obviously, I lack simplicity, sensibility and good taste.

And I’m shopping for an MP3 player. Mostly for running–since I quit Taekwondo, I haven’t worked on my speed and stamina. I’m a lot stronger and flexible, thanks to yoga, but I know I’ve gotten a lot slower since I left California. I’d also like to download Korean lessons off the Internet.

My techie knowledge is on par with my fashion sense. That is to say, it’s non-existent. I own a Compaq, for crying out loud. Right now I’m looking at the new iPod Nano (in green, wheeeee), but it doesn’t have a radio. Of course, why would I listen to the radio here in Korea, but that feature would be nice to have while watching TV in a gym in California.

Another possibility is the SanDisk Sansa e270, which has a radio and recorder–the latter will be really nifty when my mom’s hairdresser begins tutoring me in Korean.

What do you all think? About the MP3 player, not the shoes.

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