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I Hate You, Apple

My cute, pink iPod Nano won’t start.

I turned it off an hour ago, and it hasn’t lit up since. I haven’t even had it for four days!

(And yes, I have been charging it. And no, I haven’t submerged it in water, thrown it at the wall or tried to feed it to a stray dog. No dumb questions, please.)

I think it might be the temperature here–it’s about two degrees Celsius in Seoul right now, and we’ve been conserving energy. But seriously–if my toes are still moving, I would expect my new MP3 player to fare better. It’s in a protective case, and I ran with it for only ten minutes this morning. It hasn’t spent that much time outdoors.

I bought it in Yongsan. I don’t know what the return policy is. I’m friendly with one of the staff, so hopefully I can get it replaced, but why would I want to get a new Nano when this one malfunctioned so easily?

I think this just secured my loyalty to PCs for life. Seriously, though–I hate you, Apple. I really, really do.

Update: After I typed this post I went on Apple’s website, used their instructions and it began working again, with the battery icon totally gray instead of green, an indication the battery was dead. It began charging–and now, two minutes later, the “fully charged” light is on, so I know it had a full battery before it went screwy on me.

I’m going to take it back to the shop this Saturday. Besides, it makes a “thump” sound whenever I put the headphones in the jack, which is a bit of a concern. (Does this happen to anyone else?)

Until then, my iPod is going to be tucked in my undies, protected by my body heat at all times.

(That last bit was probably more than you needed to know.)


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